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03:26Meg Riley

   The month of March has been short but sweet-ish, apart from the stress of assessments and other work, I've enjoyed the sunny spring weather that we've had recently - That will hopefully carry on as I'm off for Easter break. This month I've also been loving a few (mainly beauty) items, which I've been meaning to share on this blog for a while now. Starting with skincare, a new edition to my collection has been this C h a m p n e y ' s   D e t o x   F a c i a l   C l e a n s i n g   B r u s h which I've been using once a week with my regular Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. It does say that you can use this everyday, but sometimes in the morning I haven't had that much time, so perhaps in the evenings this would be best used for me. I will say that this brush is one of the softest things I've ever felt, and so it doesn't feel abrasive on the skin, yet still leaves the face feeling refreshed. A problem I do face *unintentional pun* with this though is that because the brush is so dense, my cleanser isn't completely rinsed from the bristles whenever I do use it, but I guess you could see this as a silver lining - Meaning that you don't have to use as much product.

   As for make up items, my new Zoeva brushes have been a game changer when applying make up. The  2 3 0   L u x e   P e n c i l for my eyes allows you to create a smoked out waterline shadow, as well as concentrating in the crease. Their 1 4 2   C o n c e a l e r   B u f f e r has also been a firm fave from them, as in the past when blending concealer, sometimes brushes don't allow enough coverage. But because this brush is so dense, you really do get high coverage and a flawless finish. Especially since the brush is so small too, I'm able to use this for specific blemishes, and around the nose. A lip combination that I've also been loving is my N Y X   L i n g e r i e   L i q u i d   L i p ( 0 3   L a c e   D e t a i l ) and N A R S   A u d a c i o u s   L i p s t i c k   ( B a r b a r a ). Once the lipstick is applied, by adding a little of the liquid lip in the centre, it can really brighten the shade but also looks great when layered completely as it creates a 90s nude lip. I actually came across this when experimenting with lip colours for a 90s party this month, but I've worn this quite a few times for an everyday look.

   And to top off my favourites for this month, I have to include the accessories which I've been wearing non-stop throughout March - Or since the beginning of the year to be honest. My e B a y   G l a s s e s have been a great addition to my outfits, as yes even though they're clear, I enjoy wearing them and have been feeling more confident when I do; which if you ask me, is what fashion should be about. Another favourite accessory has been my A S O S   K i n g s l e y   R y a n   H o o p   E a r r i n g s, which add a simple, metallic detail to any outfit, and the slim style is so sleek and dainty, making them great for everyday wear.


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