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   As a blondie I know that it's definitely important to keep a good haircare routine, or else you'll end up with a dry mess that looks brassy and yellow - Unless you're going for that look, in which that case you go for it. But personally I like to try and keep my blonde looking as fresh as possible, and throughout the years bleaching and dying my hair has taken it's effect. Although with the right products I believe that I've stood well with my hair, and have a routine now that works well for me. If you haven't read my post HERE about becoming a blondie, then check it out, but for this I thought I would keep my promise and follow-up with a post on how I maintain my blonde and keep it in good condition.

   Of course if you have blonde hair, whether it be natural, an all-over bleached blonde, or dip-dye, then a blonde shampoo is probably the most basic step. Now I'm not a hair professional, and have only the most basic knowledge of the profession, but I do know the colour wheel pretty well, and if you want to prevent the brassy, yellow tones in your hair, then a purple or blue shampoo counteracts this and tones your hair. For me I began using BLEACH LONDON SILVER SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER, as it's a brand that I trust and have been following for quite a long time now. They're pretty much an expert in crazy hair colours, and I even did a Brand Appreciation post on them HERE. This shampoo did it's job pretty well, and if left on long enough can apparently tone your hair to a silvery purple like Lou Teasdale. 

   A cheaper alternative however is also the PROVOKE TOUCH OF SILVER range, which I've heard of countless times in the past, but only bought my first bottle of a few months ago. I must say this definitely made a bigger difference to my hair compared to BLEACH, however I did begin to use a purple shampoo more regularly throughout the week when I bought this (as opposed to the once a week which is recommended) This is because I wanted to really build on the grey tones in my hair, and this shampoo definitely allowed that. I would leave on for a few minutes in the shower, using it 2-3 times a week, and the results were for sure recognisable. I would get complements from my friends noticing the tone of my hair, as it enhanced the blonde and also began to give it a pastel purple tone in some areas. But of course by using a purple shampoo, it does dry out your hair, and so following with a good conditioner is vital! It doesn't even have to be a specified purple conditioner, sometimes I use whatever has been left in the shower. 

   As said before, bleaching and dying your hair can take its toll, and so a hair mask for me is important to maintain some nourishment and keep it feeling smooth. Any hydrating hair mask will do the job, but this BLEACH LONDON REINCARNATION MASK has my heart, and I can honestly say it's one of my favourites. I'll try and use a hair mask once a week if I can, using this throughout my hair as well as focusing on the ends, which you can then leave on for 5-10 minutes before washing it out. You could also leave this in for longer if you wish, for a more intense conditioning. You can buy this product separately in the larger 200ml tube, or the smaller tube which does already come with their toner kits and at-home dyes. 

   Finally I thought to also mention some extra products that I love for my blonde hair, although some can also be used on all hair colours too. The first is the LEE STAFFORD BLEACH BLONDES CONDITIONING SPRAY. Of course I was drawn to the conditioning element, but also the toning too, as the purple liquid has fine particles of glitter running through it. To use this you simply shake it well, and evenly spray on to towel dried hair with no need to wash out. A bottle like this has lasted me months, so you do get a good amount for your money, and has probably contributed to the toning of my hair along with the purple shampoo. Another leave in conditioner is the HERBAL ESSENCES BEE STRONG STRENGTHENING CREAM. This has been mentioned before on this blog, at a time when I thought it had been discontinued, but managed to find it hiding in Superdrug one day. This has a similar concept to Lee Stafford's, but without the toning element making it perfect for all hair colours. Again, you spray this on towel dried hair with no need to wash out, and it leaves my hair feeling smooth and silky - Whilst also having a slightly sweet scent, but nothing too sickly or overpowering.

   One of the final steps in my haircare routine is also a good heat protectant. Most days I'll be using a heat styling tool, so it's important to protect your hair to prevent breakage. This VO5 HEAT PROTECT STYLING SPRAY has been a hair staple of mine for well over a year now, as it does the job well without having to spend a fortune. It also doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all on the hair, and the scent is pretty pleasant and fresh.

   And there you have it, a few products to keep in mind when bleaching or dying your hair - Or even if you're needing some hydration for your dry hair. I'd also mention a good brush too, I love my old faithful TANGLE TEEZER, which manages to smooth out my hair after towel drying, transforming me from a lion's mane to Kim K sleekness. But apart from that, my haircare routine is pretty simple, and very affordable with it all being available at the drugstore. In the future I probably would like to expand on my haircare, perhaps trying out a serum? So if you have any recommendations then I'd love to here from you in the comments below!


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