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   Possibly one of the most well-known, cult beauty products on the market, I've heard about this concealer from NARS ever since I first started watching YouTube all those years ago. And now I can officially say that I understand the popularity behind it. The Radiant Creamy Concealer is a product for those who want a heavier coverage that their foundation may not be providing, or if you prefer wearing only concealer by itself. The thick formula allows my redness to be covered well, whilst also brightening my under eyes effectively with the use of a lighter concealer shade than my foundation. The shade I have here is Chantilly which I believe is the lightest in the range (#palegirlprobs) and is slightly yellow-toned, which if you have redness like me is great for covering this. For me I will say that it has quite a matte finish, perhaps satin finish almost, so for oily skin this works hand-in-hand with my setting powder. 

   In terms of longevity, I find that if you pay more, you definitely find better quality, and in this case a concealer that lasts the whole day. Particularly for my under eyes, I love this for a high coverage that I want to last, however for my mum she found it to sit in the lines under her eyes - So perhaps for some the consistency would be too thick. Due to it's thickness it can also feel like you are wearing heavy make up at times, but to the touch it does feels soft if blended well. As mentioned before, with this product you are paying for the quality of the concealer, as well as the brand, and so for some it may be a little out of their price range - So a similar, drugstore alternative like the Maybelline Fit Me concealer may be better suited, it just won't provide the same longevity power or perhaps the same colour match and undertones that NARS can. These two products also share similarities in packaging, which I must commend NARS on for all of their products, with a simple, sleek black lid and clear casing, it fits very nicely in my make up collection and looks classic in appearance.

   Would I recommend? It absolutely depends on the person, but for me yes. Since I don't like a heavy foundation I tend to rely on my concealer for extra coverage and and brightening ability, and so a product like is perfect for me. I will say that at times it can be too heavy if layered thickly, that's why I'd recommend only using this sparingly, both for the finish and so you can get the most out of this for your money.

   In terms of application, I thought I would show you how I like to apply this concealer for my little round face. After a layer of foundation, I'd apply this under my eyes, chin, bridge of my nose and forehead - As well as any other spots that would pop up. I'd then swap the tools used, using a complexion sponge for a full coverage, or a small fluffy brush for a lighter coverage. When using the sponge, as an extra step you can also spray with some setting spray instead of water, allowing the concealer to be set into place, but also maintaining the coverage throughout the day. Overall this concealer definitely helps in achieving that 'perfected' skin look, and I will most likely repurchase again as I now understand the hype.

The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer retails at £22.50


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  1. I am just so excited to purchase this concealer for I have heard so much about it!! Always good to see another person happy with it! Great post!

    With love,

    1. Thank you, it is a great concealer!